Our Concept for Consulting

Metatech stands for industry and technology oriented consulting strictly reflecting the current challenges of the market.

Our customers are metal producing and processing companies covering the whole range from basic industry and plant engineering and construction to automotive industry and its component suppliers. Our consulting services aim at increasing the innovation capacity and the operative performance simultaneously reducing costs and consumption of resources.

We differentiate ourselves from other management and industrial consulting firms through our engineering competences and tools. In association with our partners, we have the entire value chain in metal protection available to us, in terms of laboratory technology. Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art simulation and optimisation methods.

It is our aim to support our customers with the assessment of complex problem areas, develop practical solutions and thereby improve their development on the market. The basis of our consulting business is an innovative and implementation-orientated approach. In doing so, we feel at home in owner-operated medium-sized companies just as much as we do in corporate group units.