Increase of Efficency at Heat Treatment Processes

The simulation solution for manufacturing

MatPlus HQ is an advanced and easy-to-use software solution which allows the optimization of heat-treatment processes in order to save energy and time.

Your Objectives

  • Increase productivity
  • Save energy
  • Predict thermal stresses and distortion
  • Precise simulation results




Our Solution

  • MatPlus HQ: fast and easy-to-use simulation
  • Increase of efficency by 10-30% through process optimization
  • Customizing MatPlus HQ to your requirements
  • Related engineering services and projects


MatPlus HQ

The practical solution for heat treatment with powerful 3D-FEM simulation in the background

MatPlus HQ performs the calculation of heating and cooling processes for components. The system is the result of a funded project by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Union (EU) in order to increase resource efficiency in industry. It offers an easy-to-use user interface: After a short briefing a productive use even on shop-floor level is possible. The system is tuned for efficient use of computing power, so that results are available in a short period of time.

Properties and specific features:

  • Boundary conditions for all calculations are configurable, e.g. temperature curves of the furnace, heat transfer coefficients for heating and cooling.
  • MatPlus HQ can handle any geometry from CAD systems in STEP or IGES format. In addition, predefined and scalable basic forms can be used without the need of CAD files.
  • The meshing of geometries and subsequent FEM calculations are automated but also configurable.
  • MatPlus HQ uses precise, temperature-dependent materials property data for density, heat capacity and thermal conductivity. These are calculated by use of JMatPro®, in order to be batch-precise.
  • MatPlus HQ calculates temperature profiles and temperature differences in the component, both for heating and cooling very fast on standard PC's.


Download MatPlus HQ flyer

Flyer MatPlus HQ 2015 (570.3 KiB)